There were about 60 or so cars this morning at my second Motors and Mansions. This time, I felt my car was worth showing. It’s just Cars and Coffee but on the lawn of a Newport mansions, and there are some COOL cars. Here’s some of my favorites.

My car to the left, and a couple other surrounding Porsches arrive early.
Gorgeous old Ferrari, one of the best cars hands down.
I’m not sure what an F77 is... but this is one of them.
Two McLarens, with billionaire doors!


I think this was an Allard, either way it was gorgeous.

I’m seriously stumped, WHAT IS THAT LENS thing next to the rear view? Don’t really remember which car this was but I thought you guys might know the answer.


The best color MGB in my opinion.
This was nuts, that roof is ACTUAL GOLD LEAF....
E-Type with a green/red two-tone. Very cool.


GT3RS. Just one of the coolest Porsches around, whenever it’s around.

Hope you enjoy at least a bit. Oh and, below was the view looking the other direction from the mansion.