Can't see all that well, but it's a Pinto with a big block Chevy. We had it for sale for about a year and found it was impossible to sell. Chevy guys didn't want it because it wasn't a Chevy. Ford guys wanted it (ran mid-9's) until they found out it had a Chevy. Rather than sell it, I decided to flip it end over end a few times. Then, nobody wanted it.

Other fairly boring engine swaps I don't have pictures for:

1991 Buick Regal diesel with 455 Olds swapped in. Original 2.29:1 rear gears and TH350 trans meant ~54 mph in first gear and a top speed WAY above the point where the natural frequency of the suspension overtook the shock damping. Read: it wallowed side to side at somewhere around 120 so much that I never got it flat out.

1992 Buick Regal Turbo with 400" Chevy. Won a few street races against pathetically slow cars that didn't know the difference between a V8 and V6 exhaust note.