Motortrend Car, Truck, SUV of the year are the G70, Ram 1500 and Wrangler

Honestly I was expecting the S60/V60 to win but this is well deserved, I hope to drive one soon. The comments on social media are salty AF though, people don’t want to accept “A Fancy Hyundai” “Cheap Korean crap” with “no sales” wins car of the year and how “Hyundai paid MT for the award” and all that crap. I think their heads would have literally exploded if they had given it to the Kia Stinger last year instead of the Giulia. I guess everyone will be happy if the current 3 series, which has not been updated since 2016 won the award. Usual comments on Unreliability, bad welds and death wobbles on the Jeep, The comments seem to be mostly positive for the Ram 1500 except from some “Chevy4lyf” “Ford4lyf” mouth breathers.


Anyway, Good job Genesis! Now fix your damn dealerships!

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