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Motortrend on demand? I think so.

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So it was which I had happened upon late in the game, but it had some really neat wrap-ups of races for those without cable/dish, or non mobile internet access. I would kill for an nbcsn fs1/2 package and endure the race interrupting soccer games. Any who now it turned into motortrend I want to say 3-4 months ago and it stopped updating its races. Well it looks like that’s changed, they now have more recent wrap-ups (most an hour long) on Blancpian, BTCC, PWC, V8 Supercars, V8 Utes(!), Ferrari Challange, TT Challenge, DTM, and some others as well as some other stuff like HRM Road Kill.


Usually has some decent quality of coverage for the races and I was able to play it with pretty decent video off my 3G phone. Streaming live races through 3G is excruciating but something I still did when I could get a signal but minutes would jump by even when it was working at it’s best so it was nice to have a recap.

Now they are asking for people to join there mailing list and making it seem like something big is coming so maybe something like live races? Probably not but it’s nice to dream. maybe more recaps and original web series type content?


If any and all things I’ve brought up have already been discussed do with me what you must, I should have noticed it. But what do you guys think about what there doing over there at motortrend?

In other news I upgraded my phone yesterday as my old phone didn’t have enough space to download the WEC streaming app and Le Mans is only weeks away. Also now I’m not running iOS 6 on an iPhone 4s so I can actually do things here on Jalopnik without having to write it all up (including comments and replys) in notepad then copying and pasting it onto the site which hasn’t had the top bar for what feels like weeks, so yay! Also 4G LTE so double yay!

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