I’ve been watching quite a few of the Motorweek Retro Reviews lately, and saw the one for the Pontiac 1000 this morning. A few things really stuck out for me. They actually said it had great styling and even talked about it having good fit and finish for it’s price range. I certainly never expected that. Here’s one of my favorite screenshots from the video.

Thirty seconds to get to 60mph!! I knew they were slow but WOW! They actually said it was “relatively quick to 55mph, but the last 5mph took a long time. The quarter mile numbers drive this home.


It needs 23.3 seconds to do the quarter mile, but look at the time. That means it needed 6.7 seconds to gain that last mph to get to 60.

I do have to mention one thing I like from these early 80's videos that they don’t address anymore. In many of them they actually talk about how easy or difficult it is to work on many of the cars. Even down to describing what it takes to access fuel and oil filters or spark plugs on specific cars.