Mountain bike ordered, welcome the Forbidden Druid Update

In a few weeks or so I’ll update everyone on everything that has transpired since I said Adios to the Accord. While I wait for that day, I’ve ordered myself a mountain bike that I’ve been lusting after. Enter the Forbidden Druid a high pivot trail bike as unique as the stupid Morgan and hopefully more reliable. The company is new, the suspension idea is fresh for a trail bike, and the build is custom.

The company is based out of western Canada. Owen Pemberton started Forbidden after his tenor as a former Rolls Royce turned Norco bike engineer. The bike was designed to have fun in the PNW/SW Canadian trails, and I can’t wait to take it out for a rip. Below is my build with a full coil suspension sporting elevensix’s newest rear shock and ACS3 fork conversion. It runs on a shimano XT drivetrain powering DT swiss wheels and hubs that are stopped by 4 piston xt brakes, the greasy turny bits are from Chris King’s warehouse. The cockpit is Renthal stem bars and grips with a chromag seat mounted to a PNW dropper. When they are done building it and I pick it up I will post many many pics.



I should have clarified why it does that. Unlike on a normal bike where the wheel base shortens when the suspension compresses, this bike has a full rearward tire path so the bike grows. The idler routes the chain so there is not pedal kickback. This has been successful on downhill bikes, however trail bikes always had a front derailleur so it wouldn’t work, now that drivetrains are a 1x11/12 they can use the high pivot design.

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