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Mountain driving with small turbo motor question

I understand that with a smaller, turbocharged motor, that engine braking is limited. However, I am finding that I am using my brakes a LOT more with this car in the mountains than even the 2.0T in the Camaro. So my question, this Equinox, when geared down screams into high RPMs with very little slowing of the vehicle. Is there any way I can help slow the vehicle another way without ruining the engine or wearing out the brakes/overheating them? I realize it’s likely just a nature of the beast for the small motor kind of thing. Also, will gearing down and sending the RPM into scream mode hurt the motor during engine braking?

I love the car. It’s surprisingly competent in the corners (and without caveat). I’m also matching or beating the fuel economy from my Camaro already and haven’t hit 1k miles yet. Thanks in advance for your input.


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