Hey guys, this is essentially a cut and paste of my post on the Facebook and Google+ event pages for Blue Ridge Mountain Run 2014 about using the trip as an opportunity to film a sort of 'mini-documentary' in the style of 'super low budget Top Gear' and is obviously written towards people who've already RSVP'd on Facebook or Google+. However, if you have yet to RSVP for the trip and are interested in attending, this would also apply to you as well. Who knows? It may convince more people to join in!

Anyhoo, here's the post from the event page:

Hola, everyone! Just a little update. I've been talking with Daender and we're discussing a possible narration theme for the trip for anyone who wants to bring recording gear. It'll be sort of like super-low-budget Top Gear!

The primary theme we're looking at right now is "Which modifications are truly necessary to fully enjoy a car?" We may also add a "-when you're on a budget" to the end of that, too.

So we'll be exploring the pro's and cons of stock and modified vehicles and the individual mods themselves and in the end will try and come up with a verdict on what is the perfect balance of frugality and customization. Obviously the more people who come, the broader range of vehicles we'll have and therefore the more basis for comparison we'll have.

As for what this means for individual persons? Well it means recording gear- primarily microphones and cameras. I think myself and both Kyles all have a GoPro apiece. I know I'll be using mine to film raw car antics from multiple angles, probably switching camera location every time we stop. I'll probably end up using my smartphone to record narration and dialogue. However, if anyone else wants to join in on the hosting fun or contribute equipment (cameras, mics, MicroSD cards) to said hosts during the trip, feel free the speak up.

If anyone hates this idea, or has suggestions on how to improve or adjust it, please comment and let us know! You can also just comment to say how much you like the idea, haha.

Thoughts, Oppo?