Quick sketchbook doodle for your time and input.

Apparently, even after taking it apart and cleaning it, the latest Uhuru mouse’s middle button is starting to fail. Doesn’t work well with web or CAD. (Sometime’s it’s fine, sometimes it fails).


Looking for good mouse suggestions. Right now I’m using a Fenifox, which is good for everything but CAD.

So I’ve had YET ANOTHER mouse’s middle button fail. Seems to be the primary failure point for the last few years. Of course, I need a middle button (and scroll) that FUCKING WORKS, doing CAD, and etc.

I need a small form factor mouse, that’s gonna last me more than 6-8 months. I’ve had two Uhurus like this, and #3 will be here Monday:


I mean, for $13... it’s really not bad. Nice-enough feel, they keep improving them (#2 was much nicer than #1, we’ll see what #3 brings...)


I had these to replace the Microsoft Studio Mouse that I’d used prior, which was more comfortable, better-built, more expensive, and the spindle that holds the middle wheel still fucking broke after like 7 months.


(one of these)

I really like Microsoft’s mice at the beginning, but they break so fast.

I had two gen-1 Arc mice, back when, and they’re still my favorite mouse, period, hands-down, as far as function and ergo. But both of them had lasers that failed after... 6-8 months, and they’ve been out of production for years.


(But seriously. Ever use one of those? They’re GREAT. )

So, Oppo. Recommend me a good mouse, that will last more than 6-8 months, Bluetooth, that’s small enough to run with (no gloopy gaming mice, all I need is 3-button/scroll, don’t want any BS capacitive shit)...


Help me out. I got work to do.

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