Update 2: I’ve been observing a teammate use a trackball thingy. So I decided to buy one and see if I can work with it. Its a Logitech M570 which I got from best buy for $30ish. I like it! My brain is able to comprehend how to use the trackball without utterly messing up everything. Its so comfy to use :)

Update: I got a vertical Anker (ty Tchalla!) which I used for about a week. While it IS nice, I couldn’t move it uuum fast enough (just me being inept I guess). I said fuck it and spent $55 for the Razer. So I have two of these now:

Oppo suggest me a comfortable mouse to use at my work desk. I spend most days in front of a screen.


I used my Razer Deathadder (pictured above) for a while but the keys are too hard for work and I don’t want to spend 50 bucks to get another one.

The new mouse should cost less than $25 and be a full size one (like the adder). I would prefer to have side buttons but its not really necessary.

Yellowbird for your time.