Movie rec: Always be my Maybe (Netflix)

This came out on Netflix at the end of May and I’ve already seen it twice. I can’t recommend it enough — I generally HATE anything resembling a Rom Com, but this one is also a solid comedy, as well as a Buddy Flick and an awkward coming-of-age drama at the same time.

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I prefer to see movies without even knowing the synopsis, but I’ll just say it has a little something for everyone:

  • Stoner trip-hop band? Check
  • Randall Park (the dad from Fresh off the Boat) — hilarious
  • Ali Wong — not a huge fan of her standup, but she does well here.
  • Awkward family dysfunction - yup
  • Hilariously satirical celebrity douchebag in supporting role — absolutely

This might sound like a stretch, but to me it’s very reminiscent of So I Married an Axe Murderer in a lot of ways — both set in SF, guy is a musician/artist with no real job, hilarious parents from the “old country”, and he’s awkwardly trying to maintain a relationship with a girl who is out of his league.


Randall Park is the lead singer of the band (the beautifully named “Hello Peril”) and collaborated with Dan the Automator on the three tracks they recorded for the soundtrack. This is the only one that doesn’t really have any spoilers, so I’ll share here.

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