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Movie reviews

The good thing about being sick as a dog and sequestered is the opportunity to catch up on some movies. Sicario, Bright, Spectre for starters...

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First up, Spectre. Awesome movie but falls into the stereotypical Bond trope of repeatedly escaping overly complicated means of execution. The DB10 couldn’t handle for shit, loosing grip constantly. The XC75 was amazing

Next, Sicario. Holy shit. I can hardly imagine a more thorough and provoking way to bring the daily horrors of Mexican cartel wars and border towns to the American masses. The overall plotline is a little cliche, but it’s an extremely powerful movie.


Lastly, Bright. Netflix bet BIG on this one and needs it to be a hit. I think it paid off. It can be somewhat heavy handed with it’s message of equality of the races, and there’s a few pieces they started to develop that simply hit a brick wall, but overall it was a pretty damn good use of my last 2 hours. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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