Was feeling ambitious last night, so she’s almost ready for paint:


Pulled my roof basket off last night. I pulled the front fairing off and got it prepped for my friend to airbrush (excited to see what he comes up with).

Got my faulty MAP sensor changed, so now she is running like a top again.

Pulled my push bar off, then removed the lights, and got it sanded out. Once it was sanded I figured why not and primed/sealed it. Once that had tacked I figured I better get some paint on it or I’ll have to sand it again, so on went the black:


I laid 3 coats of Jet Black, then I laid on some clear:


Was getting pretty dark by this time, so I cleaned up my mess and went in for the night.

Tonight we will have 6 yds of mulch to move, so I’ll probably be on hold, but we’ll see.


I’m to the point now I may take a couple days off work and get it ready/painted in the next week, I’m excited to see it complete.

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