I’m moving this weekend and have assorted bits of lighting stuff I meant to put on cars I no longer own but never got around to using. Pay for shipping and it’s yours!

The fog lights above are blue lenses which I believe are supposed to throw yellow light for mad tyte JDM action. I bought them in approximately 2007 to put on my NB Miata I drove at the time. I never used them even though I kept them through multiple local moves. It’s kinda silly to keep them moving across country though.


UPDATE: The fogs have been claimed by shop-teacher but the stuff below is still available! I’m going to the post office this afternoon to ship his fogs and an old tablet I sold on Swappa, give me some more things to ship!

Next up, hey there WJ Grand Cherokee owners! High power 9006XS bulbs and upgraded wiring harnesses for them! Also never used!


And lastly, anyone want some H12 fog light bulbs? I think they’re for a WK Grand Cherokee but honestly I don’t remember and don’t feel like looking them up.

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