Moving out of state?

So, big news yesterday, my company is shutting down my office and turning everyone into remote employees. its not going to make a huge change in my day to day operation since i already work from home, however it does come with the added benefit that being remote means I, nor my wife, have to live within a 50 mile radius of the office. So naturally this leads to talk of finally ditching Illinois, and heading to somewhere a bit warmer, IE looking at the Carolinas and Tennessee.

So i was wondering if anyone in oppo had a great deal of experience moving out of state? how did you work out house showings and inspections from a few states away? luckily we don’t have to worry about selling the house we are currently in to afford a new one since we are living in my in-laws old house. but it seems very challenging to make that sort of move. I should also mention that where we are looking we have no family in the area to scope out houses for us either.

GT for interest


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