Moving progress

I have now gotten around to moving my miata over to my new place thanks to some help from His Stigness. It cost him a total of less than $3 in electricity to shuttle me around. And that was because of “expensive” $0.28 kw. Anyways, miata is covered with my totally legit custom car cover. This should be enough to keep my leaky top from leaking and ruining my floor. I don’t plan on actually replacing the top but I do plan on getting a real cover for the car. Car is topless 100% of the time while driving so a new top just for parking is stupid.


Nice having both my cars home and most of my stuff moved over. The only things left are my kitchen essentials, some food stuffs I want to keep, my everyday clothing, bed, and couch. So my current apartment is pretty empty since movers have already taken my girlfriends stuff enroute to Amsterdam. In order to remove the remaining stuff, I have rented a truck.

A 1999 Ford F350 Super duty in diesel. An old beat up truck perfect for moving things. It has the long bed, meaning my couch at 88 inches long should fit just fine in 8ft long of space. And with the bigger cab, I can fit the rest of my stuff too. Shouldn’t really get much worse mileage than my subaru and diesel is certainly cheaper than 91 anyways so it’s a win win. It should be fun to drive a big ass truck anyways. Navigating canyons will be interesting but I’ll just take it slow and make sure my shit is strapped down. I only have 100 miles from Turo and my total route is around 90 miles so it will definitely be cutting it close. But extra mileage is cheap enough if needed.


Pretty cheap too which is nice. Then my next problem is getting my couch upstairs and outside to my balcony. Bed should be easy enough to just carry up the stairs. But the couch I’m strongly considering lifting it from the truck directly onto the balcony. It will technically fit through the house but it would be a major undertaking and might have to take it apart. I think it would be way easier to go through the outside though.


I kinda thought about trying to go from the hill next to the balcony but it's pretty far (like 15 feet or so) which would need a sturdy ramp of some sort I think. Now I'm thinking just lifting from the truck bed would be possible and by far the easiest way. My only concern was the strength of the railing versus the weight of the couch. If I can find a way to remove the railing and then reinstall it, that would definitely be the safest method. 

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