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We moved on Sunday as scheduled and found that the 26-foot truck did not have enough space for everything, so I tossed an old set of coffee and side tables, my 15-year-old computer desk, and a grungy IKEA ottoman. The remaining stuff went into Mom’s Liberty, the Unsolicited Explorer, my wife’s Mazda3, and the Miata. Hey, we did what we had to, alright? We have not begun to sort out the stuff in the garage or the office, and most of our clothes remain bagged in our rooms. At least the kitchen is mostly sorted out, though.

The truck’s ride improved once it was fully laden and rode respectably on the highway, though the wheels still felt unbalanced. The engine still made choking noises when at anything less than full throttle, but let out a nice tune when the cruise control rolled it up to 4,000 rpm when going up a hill.

Illustration for article titled Moving Status: Slow Progress

The real annoyance with the truck didn’t come up until the time came to drop it off, though. I didn’t pay much attention to the drop-off location’s address when I made the reservation, other than checking that it was in the general location. Once I brought it up on Google Maps I found that it was 10 miles away. 10 more miles that I’d have to pay for.

I got there without much fuss, noting along the way that I had crossed county lines, and parked in the middle of the lot because they didn’t have any parking spaces that’d fit a 34-foot-long truck. At this point I was supposed to start the U-Haul app to do the return because coronavirus, so I did. Except that while I was about to complete the last step the app would go back to the first step of the return and force me to do it again. So I started again. And it kicked me back to the beginning, again. So I started again. And wouldn’t you know it, it finally worked. SYKE! The fucker went back to the beginning. Having wasted 30 minutes, I decided to just grab my bag of Takis, go inside the store (this not being a regular U-Haul location but a local business), and drop off the keys.

I'm already thinking of projects that I want to do around the house. The interior paint needs work and the joint tape has failed in a lot of places. The deck and balcony need to be refinished. The exterior needs a good scrubbing. The wall paneling in the garage needs to be replaced. And so on, and on, and on. Once I can take a breath and sit down, I'll come up with a list and plan this out more carefully.

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