My car is now officially for sale :(

Find me a buyer and I'll make sure you get your cut ;)

EDIT: Evening bump to get montrealers attention :)

I have to move to Japan in two months, so my car is gonna be for sale...

1995 LT1 Corvette - 300hp - 167000 miles - 9500 canadian $

The Good:

* FAST... 0 to 60 in 5.1s

* Manual six speed gearbox, rebuilt 4 years ago by ZF themselves

* New clutch, changed it 4 months ago... Stage 2 clutch, not sure it was the best choice for everyday driving, but it does the trick fine. Grips like crazy.


* Paint is 4 years old, very high quality job and it shows, cost about 4000$ at the time

* Interior fully redone at the same time as the paint, leathers are like new

* Comes with two sets of tires. One set of GoodYear Eagle F1 Supercar and one set of Pirelli SottoZeros for winter. Both sets are in good shape.


* NO rust on the frame. VERY VERY clean.

* New gas pump, new coils, new ICM, new optispark installed this week end oil changed 2000 miles ago with recommended 5W30 Synthetic Mobil 1


* C5 Z06 wheels... 295/18 in the back, 265/17 in the front

The to-do:

* Rear bearings could be changed

* Exhaust under the passenger seat with the metal protection around it that should be re-soldered. No rust or anything, I think I hit a bit of ice at some point and it moved the metal protection around the exhaust itself lol. No big deal but it vibrates making a noise you can only hear between 1500 and 1700rpm. You don't hear it at all otherwise.


* The driver side protective carpet could be cleaner... my fault.

* Oil carter ring join should be changed. No big deal at all though...

It's a very solid car, started everyday even by -30 degrees. Greatest car I've ever had. I would have brought it to Japan with me, but if I have to sell it one day I would struggle due to the fact that japanese are scared with high-mileage cars. It's been my daily driver for a year now and I don't regret it. SO much fun!


If someone wants it, let me know :)

EDIT: It can also be very practical to go to Ikea


Or just enjoy a proper winter with a properly fun car :)