I’ll mow it. I’ll CUT IT ALL DOWN

My wife told a couple neighbors, and the next thing you know, half the neighborhood knows. A retired airplane mechanic offered to help with the ride-on, and the old lady across the street apologized for whoever had the nerve to write that letter. I told her about the messed up floor issue and the windows and she said she doen’t blame me for not having time, especially when you factor in the three OPPOsaurus offsprings. My wife decided a lot of the gardens needed to go. They look pretty in the picture, but they are savagely overgrown. We are not hiring landscapers and do not have the time to weed all the gardens, and it will give the kids and the driveway more room. I did get my push mower running and got 2/3's of the grass mowed before it started pouring out. So almost all of it.

I have two theories of who it was. Either the people directly to the right of us, or the previous owner. apparently she has been driving by.