Hello!! If you’ve been following, you know that I am recounting my awesome roadtrip I took with Ms. Bigbossyboss. In day 2 we drove from Edmundston down to Charlottetown PEI. We also had many stops along the way.

TL DR version: Went to Mccain Fry Factory...saw giant axe in Nackiwac, and drove over the mighty Confederation Bridge to PEI. That’s some dayum bridge mate!!

Remarks: We left Edmundston in the morning and headed down about 125 kms to town of Florenceville-Bristol New Brunswick. Now, most of you have never heard of Florenceville I am guessing. But open up your freezer and take a look at the bag of fries you got in there. Guess where that came from? Odds are it came from Florenceville. Northern New Brunswick is potato country and the factory at Florenceville-Bristol supplies about 3/4ths of North America’s fries. Including all the fries for Mcdonald’s. That my friends, is a lot of fries. Of course, I had to go to the potato museum :) Great day for potato’s!!!!

From here we took a most excellent drive along NB 105 down to the town of Hartland. Hartland has the longest covered bridge......*jeremy clarkson voice* “in the wuuuurrrlllddd”. It is 1,282 feet long. You can both drive and walk across. And we did both.


From there we got back on the main road (NB highway 2) and headed south. Unlike most provinces, it seems that the further south you go in New Brunswick the less there is. I thought northern New Brunswick was empty, but then I got to southern NB and realized the north is less empty haha.

We stopped in the mighty town of Nackiwac NB for a picture with the giant axe. Luckily I of course had my small axe for scale.


From here we drove on, hit the last exit in New Brunswick (exit 513B) and drove over the mighty Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island. Driving across the Confederation Bridge is both awe inspiring but somewhat unpleasant. I’ll talk about that when I wrap up days 3 and 4 tomorrow.

By the time we got to Charlottetown it was about 9pm.