Hello. If you’ve been following my roadtrip you will know that I drove to Charlottetown on Day 2.

TL DR: Day 3 we started and ended in the same place (on PEI), and Day 4 we drove to Halifax! On day 4 we were in 3 provinces before noon. So there.

Remarks: As mentioned in Day 2, we arrived on Prince Edward Island across the remarkable Confederation Bridge. Confederation Bridge be big yo. 12.9 kms long. That’s like 8 miles. Of Bridge. DAYYYUUUUMMM. The bridge cost a cool $1.3 Billion CAD. It connects PEI to New Brunswick.

(not my pic)

Despite it’s undoubtable size, the bridge is actually not that enjoyable to drive across in a low car. The guard rails are high and mess around with your depth perception.


But nonetheless it is quite the marvel. On day 3 we woke up and drove from Charlottetown to Cavendish. (About 72 kms total or 44 miles)

In Cavendish we checked out the Anne of Green Gables house (that was for Ms Big Bossy Boss)....and then we drove onto PEI National Park at the end of the Island. We then walked along the beach which was all romatical and stuff.


The weather wasn’t super hot, but hey I was just happy to not be at work. We then went back to Charlottetown and ate Lobster. Lobster good!


On Day 4 we drove from Charlottetown to Halifax Nova Scotia. It’s about 325 kms or 200 miles.

That is of course the largest city in Canada’s maritime provinces. The drive is pretty unremarkable except the fact that upon leaving PEI you have to pay the bridge toll. I complained about that stupid toll so much my travelling companion paid it. So thank you to her!


The other remarkable thing is that once you get on Highway 2 in New Brunswick again, you are only a few kilometers from Nova Scotia. In fact the exit for PEI is the last exit in New Brunswick. So we hit 3 provinces before noon. As far as I know, this is the only place in Canada you could hit 3 provinces in such a short span.

Here is the view from Halifax! Stay tuned for Day’s 5 and 6 tomorrow!!