Hello friends. As you know, I went on a rather long roadtrip with Ms Big Bossy Boss recently. To see previous installments, you may click here for day 1, here for day 2, and here for days 3 & 4 combined.

On Day 5 we woke up in Halifax. We then proceeded to have a lie in, and finally got ourselves out and about. We discussed things with our Band B owner and they told us about a nearby beach that we could make a journey to. It was a nice drive down winding but somewhat inland roads. Eventually we arrived at the white sand beach, and laid on it. It was mighty nice my friends.

I then decided that coming to the beach without dipping my toes in the water was a bit stupid. So me and Ms Bigbossyboss dipped our toes in. MOTHER OF GOD WAS IT COLD. I am Canadian. I swim in cold water all the time. I have swam in BC’s ocean which is pretty cold. But this was frigid. Toes was enough man.

My girls toe nails were a pretty gulf blue. :D From there we drove back to town. On the way back, we realized we were kind of hungry. So we stopped for some pizza at a corner store on a cross roads. Usually I can eat two or three slices. But this time we split one slice...it was giant!!

That’s a big slice.


We then visited some friends and family of ours.

The next day (Day 6) it was quite rainy. We left Halifax for Sydney Nova Scotia. Rather than take the boring main highway towards the island of Cape Breton, we took highway 7 along the coast. I had no regrets, highway 7 gave us a taste of rural Nova Scotia. Along the way, somewhat near Sheet Harbour NS, we found this old abandoned boat.


It was creepy as hell. After stopping for delicious lobster mac and cheese, we made our way to the main highway (NS highway 104). From there we crossed onto the Canso Causeway and got onto the mighty Island of Cape Breton. Nova Scotia’s biggest and by far most populous island.

Here is the route we took on Day 6:


Driving along highway 105 was spectacular. Coming into Sydney along that route you really get some nice scenery, which I did not take pictures of because I am awesome :P

From there, Cape Breton is about an hour and a half across to it’s largest city....Sydney NS (Pop 31,507).

For an island, Cape Breton is really really hilly, and you constantly wind your way up and down...


Little did I know this was to portend what was to come...stay tuned Day 7 is next.