Hello friends, as you know I am recounting my epic road trip. On Day 7, well we really had a great day. We started out in Sydney NS checking out the giant fiddle!

Here I am with it!!

We then drove to North Sydney for a very specific reason. I had to complete my cross canada drive. See, in 2008 I drove from Vancouver-Ottawa. It took a week and now I have driven from Ottawa to North Sydney which is where the ferry leaves for Newfoundland and Labrador. That means I have completed the continental section of the transcanada highway :D

Mission success friends. Canada is really really REALLY big.

Here is a map of my two part journey. I just rested in Ottawa for 7 years before continuing on hahaha. Canada is approximately 6,250 kms across. That’s almost 4,000 miles. Far.


Anyways, thats not quite all the stops but anyways you get the idea. BIG!!!!

From North Sydney we hit the cabot trail. Friends. The cabot trail is one of “dem roads”. It’s spectacular. It’s windy, empty and stunningly scenic. I don’t care if your driving blacktruck’s ‘79 continental or a box van, you can’t not enjoy this road. The Brapalier was mighty fine along this fine stretch of road.


This was a really really great road. Hundreds of kilometers of turns and scarcely any traffic to share it with. You wind your way up the side of these hills to about 1000 feet above sea level then return to go along the ocean. Fun!

About half way we stopped to do one of the many hikes in Cape Breton National Park. That was quite enjoyable. At the top of the hill we hiked up (it was about a 2 hour hike) there was this giant red chair. See?


From there we contiinued on. Using my experience in Edmundston as an example, (showing up late when everything was closed) as I realized it was approaching 7pm I became more anxious to stop.

We weren’t going to make it to our goal of Inverness which was hours further yet. I pulled off at a pink and blue motel in Pleasant Bay NS.


They had an awesome resturant, I ate a LOT of mussles, for $8. No ray-grets...as the kids say.

After springing to upgrade my room for $10 to an ocean view, this is what we were rewarded with off of our balcony. Friends, Opponauts, a picture could not do this view justice. Me and my girlfriend sat there and drank our gin and tonics and watched this view for an hour or two. All was right with the world.


Stay tuned for days 8 & 9 tomorrow.