Well, the mighty roadtrip was coming to an end. But I still had to deliver Ms. Bigbossyboss to her work conference in Toronto Ontario and I was in Drummondville Qc, a distance of about 410 miles or 661 kms.

So we spend most of Day 10 driving from Drummondville to Toronto, which let me go through both of Canada`s largest cities, Montreal and Toronto. In Montreal, I took the route I knew which is the 20 but it`s not exactly the fastest route. There was much traffic, but thankfully we arrived shortly after the morning rush hour.


The map makes this drive look really really boring. And it is. And I sort of knew that going in. The 401 has like 2 turns and many trucks. Many many many trucks. In fact earlier this year when there was a 50 car crash on the 401, it was 40 trucks and 10 cars. You get the idea.

After we spent the night in some Richmond Hill Hotel, I went downtown to visit my brother. There was much traffic. And sitting in that traffic I came to a realization which will make BMW owners hate me forever. BMW`s are the new beige. At one point I got passed by 6 white BMW`s then a subaru, then another black BMW.

(I found this meme on the internet and could not resist...ban hammer coming in 3...2...1)


In Richmond Hill something like half the cars were BMW`s. I have never ever seen one car dominate the road so completely. There was no fewer than 5 in my site at any one time I swear. There were a lot less Camries than that. This isn`t to say a BMW is a worse car than a camry (it`s totally not) but a BMW is a more common car than a Camry. At least over there.

Anyways, I eventually made it downtown to visit my brother.


Then around 4pm I left to go home to Ottawa which is about 450 kms or 279 miles. By 5 pm I had made it to the 401. By 6pm I had made it to Ajax. It took me damn near two hours to go 30 miles. Thanks Toronto for that.


I finally arrived home around 10pm. By that time I was well ready to be home. All in all though it was a great trip.

Here are the final trip stats

Days: 11
Kilometers Driven 5443
Provinces: 5
Most time wasted in traffic in one sitting: 1 hour 45 minutes
Check Engine light: Yes.
Most Expensive toll: Confederation Bridge, $45.50 (Thanks Mrs Bigbossyboss for paying that).
Biggest thing passed: Flat bed carrying a mining dump truck.
Number of Times the St. John River was crossed: 9
Best Road: Cabot Trail
Worst Road: Highway 2 in southern New Brunswick near Moncton.
Most Boring Road: Highway 401.
Amount of times Ms. Bigbossyboss complained about my driving: 0
Amount of times I ignored Ms Bigbossyboss’s correct directions: 1


I just wanted to add a little note down here about somethin somethin. Before taking this trip me and the ms. had not spent too much time together, but our trip went really well and after two weeks we were actually not sick of being together which is a pretty great achievement.

Hoorah...roadtrip success.