Mr. Bertel Schmitt is no longer associated with TTAC in any capacity, including that of contributor.

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From Jack Baruth himself. Schmitt had some interesting insights into the auto industry, but his tendency to use the blog to air personal dirty laundry and attack any perceived slights had become a liability. In a bold move for any blog, all previously-banned commenters have been un-banned. Ultimately TTAC will be better without him moving forward.

After being unfortunate enough to read BS's last post, which was about former contributor Steven Lang editing TTAC's Wikipedia page, of all things, I was starting to ask myself if I could still even bother visiting that page again. Had BS not been dealt with in some way, I'd still be considering that, but sometimes things work themselves out...and much faster than I thought!

But at the end of the day there are good people who are passionate about cars who are interested in writing about them there, and it would have been a disservice to those writers who have informed and entertained me for years to simply leave because of one increasingly unstable E-in-C.


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