Mr. Peanut Butter has had four Quattroportes or the same Quattroporte since 1993.

If you look at the show, it looks like he’s had four cars from 1993 to 2018; all of them Quattroportes!


On average six years each.

Why would someone buy the same car four times...specially if it hasn’t changed in TWENTY FIVE YEARS?
Is this a diss at Maserati somehow?

Or, did he keep the same one since 1993, and just repainted it? it just underlines that on the surface everything changed, but in reality it’s still the same pile of crap. 

You could imagine the show overlooked the cars... But Bojack Horseman makes a lot of effort in choosing the character’s cars...

Personally, I like Bojack’s Lexus. 

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