Good Afternoon Oppos!

Unfortunately I have still been under the weather somewhat and that means I haven’t been able to do much work to my AW11 this week. I have been able to drive it a bit, so that has helped make it more bearable. Took it to the Allegheny State Park over the weekend:

There’s very little cooler than dropping groceries and the lift off sunroof into the frunk and going for a spin. I blew some woman’s mind yet again when I tossed my bags under the hood and then drove off. She looks more stumped than a tree.

The car made it through the pot holes pretty well and even down a dirt road a couple times until I found the cabin my buddy had rented. The car smells a little like a campfire, but it was worth it to relax around a fire again. Hopefully this week I will get to do something about the idle and then think about when I’m going to put the stainless exhaust on.


Also, I really enjoyed the fun my friends have when I hand them the keys and they drive it around. The term Go Kart was definitely uttered a few times. My one friend gets it, he says I’m always the one with fun cars, they may not always have the same curb appeal or display large amounts of ‘Murica, but they are always fun.