I’ve been neglecting my posting of MR-Tuesday, mainly because my MR2 was broken and I was trying to find the time to fix it/psyching myself up to do a head gasket if needed. Turns out the leak was the water outlet gasket ($1.44, slightly trimmed to fit seal). It was such good news I decided to take the MR2 to a car meet from my previous automotive life.

The even was called Ohiostiva spring fling. I’ve owned a couple Ford Festivas and 5 Ford Aspires (Gen II Festiva basically). The meeting was at Summit Racing in Ohio. The trip all in all was about 450 miles round trip. The MR2 handled the trip down like a champ, even though I watched the temperature gauge like a hawk, it never went past halfway. Fuel receipts for the whole trip were a whopping $30. I love that food costs were more than fuel, food costs were higher due to bringing food to share, as is customary.

I even found another “rare MR2 convertible” to park next to. It was the turbo one too. The MR2 was well received by my Festiva friends, we searched for bargains in the Summit store and then convoyed to a local park to have a picnic. We lined the cars up, as is customary for car meets.


All in all the trip was a great experience. I was going to drive the 1 series, but a part of me really missed the excitement of taking a longer day trip in a car that has some wear on it. The excitement of whether or not you are going to make it there and back without problems, what possible road side repairs would be needed, or just how many thumbs up you get from people who recognize the car from their past. Granted I did not make the trip without enough tools to do a clutch change (I’ve had to do one in a parking lot before on a front wheel drive car), but I ended up not needing to use any of them. The MR2 is now safely parked back home in front of my apartment, locked in a staring contest with it’s eyes closed.


For now the car does not overheat. I had to adjust the throttle position sensor some because the engine seemed to be searching for idle, especially when hot. It still does it to an extent, but it is much more drive-able. I purchased and installed a full tuneup kit (NGK plugs, wires, cap, and rotor) but it still has the same issue. I am thinking the engine coolant temperature sensor for the ecu might need to be changed. That is next on my list, along with an oil change and the stainless exhaust.