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MR2 Engine Rebuild Chronicles: Part...eh whatever.

I'm back and I'm finally plowing through this reassembly stage. In 3 hours I went from essential a bare shortblock (block + lower rotating assembly) to this:

Unfortunately I don't have any of the cool step-by-step stuff you all have come to expect from my project posts, mostly because at this point I just desperately want this car to run again. The interesting point I'm at right now is that with the engine on the stand I can't put the rear crank cover on, which is part of the oil pan mating surface. So basically I have to build most of the motor sans oil pan so that I can use the engine crane to hold the engine while I remove the stand, install the backing plate, and then put it back on the stand to do the oil pan. Kinda bass-ackwards but oh well.


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