Been doing some reading online (always dangerous) and found that the AE101 Corolla (JDM) 4A-GZE had 8.9:1 pistons where mine only has something like 8.1:1. I found the part numbers and I can get them through work for like $40 a pop. High compression ceramic coated pistons for $40? Sounds good to me. I'm currently investigating to see how this would work with my stock ecu, 10psi, and thinner head gasket.

Looks like the rings are not the same, and pistons come with pins. Here's what I've found:

USA spec 8.0:1 GZERings (standard):13011-16090

Rings (oversize 0.5mm): 13013-16090



Mark "1": 13101-16100-01

Mark "2": 13101-16100-02

Mark "3": 13101-16100-03

Oversize 0.5mm: 13103-16100

JDM small port 8.9:1 GZE

Rings (standard): 13011-16210

Rings (oversize 0.5mm): 13013-16210

PistonsMark "1": 13101-16131-01

Mark "2": 13101-16131-02

Mark "3": 13101-16131-03

Oversize 0.5mm: 13103-16131

So basically I just need to wait to see what all needs to be done with the block as far as machining goes, then choose if I need oversize pistons or not. All 4 pistons in there now are mark "2". Also, I need to figure out if it is safe to run close to 9.3:1 compression on this motor. Everything I'm hearing so far is yes.


Finished up polishing the intake pipes. I think they came out pretty good.





A couple days ago I was bored and decided to clean up the old, corroded water pipes. Here's a little in-progress shot.


After all the corrosion was wire-wheeled off, I hit it with some paint I had laying around, then wrapped it in some DEI gold heat reflective tape. This pipe sits right next to the block between the supercharger and the intake manifold. Who knows if it will do anything, but it makes me feel better.


Also, the aluminum flywheel came in today which is cool.