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MR2 SC Engine Rebuild Chronicles: Set it up! *clap clap* put it in! *clap clap*


The engine assembly was completed a few days ago, and today I got over to help. We got the motor off the stand, flywheel and clutch mounted, and transmission mated the the motor. The motor/trans were placed on a tire on a furniture dolly while we lifted the back of the car with the engine hoist, just like we did to remove it. However a combination of factors are making it impossible for this to work at my house, not the least of which is the poor quality of the pavement in my driveway. The wheels of the furniture dolly were digging into the driveway and it was frankly a miracle we got it back out from under the car at all. So at this point it looks like my buddy is going to borrow a truck from his work and tow the car over to his house so we can install the drivetrain there. That will probably be either Thursday or Friday evening. Assuming all goes well there, I can probably get the car in running shape by Sunday, and hopefully driving by next Monday or Tuesday. Then it's a matter of putting on the miles so I can have it broken in by the autocross test & tune on July 12 and/or the race on July 13.



The engine is in. After taking it to a friend's garage for the use of his nice floor and also the ceiling I-beam-mounted chain hoist. I still have loads of work to do connecting things and getting it back up and running, but the hardest part (I hope) is over.


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