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MR2sday: AutoX! Little car in a big bowl

Another autocross event! This time it was with the Western Ohio Region SCCA. The weather was much better than last week, the surface was grippier, and I wasn’t hungover so all my previous excuses for crap driving are gone, but don’t worry I found some new things to blame! Besides myself of course!

The event took place at a 3/8th mile speedway with the last stretch of the course being a long “straight” sprint to the finish on the banking. Most autocross events I’ve run don’t really have any real hazards so the only things that are ever in harms way are cones and your pride....but this place has walls. The people who looked like they were in charge based on the amount of SCCA embroidered gear they were wearing then told us to let it spin and not to try to catch it if you started to slide while doing 70 mph on the banking because it’ll snap back and you’ll do a damn fine Danica Patrick impression. She crashes a lot right? I don’t really follow Nascar anymore so whatever you get the point. I just decided to pretend the wall wasn’t there and keep the loud pedal where it belongs.


Just replace the dudes out there with racecars and boom you’ve got autocross!

Anyways I get to checking out my competition while trying not to trip over the dozen different Miatas that littered the grid like Mint Juleps at the Kentucky Derby. Then I see what my woefully-underprepared-for-Street-Modified-Class peppy MR2 is up against.

An supercharged 2013 Camaro on Toyo semi-slicks, an Evo X on Hoosiers, an Evo 9 with way too much power on semi-slicks, a SR20 240sx, and a C5 Corvette Z06 on Hoosiers.


Exhibit A: here we see the two Evo’s and the ‘maro

yep.......on an unrelated note, I suddenly had a strong desire to buy race slicks


In reality I’m just out to have fun and improve my driving skills so it doesn’t really matter. Next year I might try to build for a specific class but we’ll see. So without further ado here’s a video of my fastest run of the day!

It was a fun course, but I had a frustrating amount of understeer. The car just wouldn’t rotate the way I wanted it too so I ended overdriving it trying to get the rear end to move or attempting to get more weight to transfer to the front tires. I dropped my front tire pressure a good bit and then pulled off my fastest run.


I think the rear toe is too far in so I’m going to try to set it to zero toe-in and see if I can get any more camber up front. I have a few weeks until the next race so its time to do some tuning!

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