Had beautiful weather for the second event of the year with the Cincy region SCCA. This event was on the beautifully smooth and grippy concrete of Wilmington Airport. This was my third time racing the MR2 and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. I’ve been trying to focus on improving the nut behind the wheel before sinking more money into the car, but it’s becoming more apparent that the current suspension setup needs work.

The problem is that the car has a strut-style suspension and is currently on fairly soft Eibach progressive lowering springs and stock/original/unknown struts and stock sway bars. The problem is that the softish setup leads to really huge body roll and suspension deflection so the geometry gets out of wack really quickly. The result is very peaky behavior that requires the driver to be super smooth and even then it’s terrible in fast transitions which are key in autocross.

Even with the car as-is, it’s still stupid fun to drive and makes a great noise. Everyone always loves seeing the MR2 out there in the sea of miatas