Sunday was the first autocross race of the year for me and the MR2. I haven’t gotten to race it for the past year or two thanks to the engine swap and being busy with work and grad school. I was very eager to see how well the 20v motor would do compared to the tired old 16v it used to have.

The forecast called for 100% torrential downpour, but I got lucky and was in the first run group and pulled off my 6th and fastest run right as it started to drizzle.

First run I got lost, second was clean but slow, third took out some cones, fourth was clean and a little better, fifth was gonna be fast but I overcooked it and nearly spun out, and the sixth was the money maker.

Here’s a video of the fourth run

Would have done a lot better if the nut behind the wheel wasn’t hungover #racecardriverexcuses.


Then I got to stand out in the wind and rain to work the corners and retrieve the countless cones that got mowed down when nearly every car inevitably spun out.

I need to redo the exhaust since the 16v manifold on a 20v is corralling some of the ponies and I also really want a set of Hoosier A7s on some 13x8 wheels now so I can try to catch up to the Elise that took first in class