I FINALLY got to go get a few decent pictures of the MR2 out in Spain. After having trouble getting my wife and kid here, not being able to get my car for a bit, work being crazy, spraining one wrist, doing a PT test said sprained wrist and that same day breaking my other wrist, I finally got to go explore.


There are literally MILES of sunflowers here, covering some awesome hill country. The roads are either highways or washboard, so I stuck to the highways when I could. I still haven’t washed her yet, she’s covered in transatlantic dirt and dust, she needs an oil change, and I have to find a fix an oil leak. But for the first time in a year, I can park it in a garage at night, wrench out of the elements, and maybe even clay bar it (It really needs it). Next up? Buy a decent trolly jack.

...Oh yeah, I also got a new puppy! (The smaller one) He is a mix of black lab, pitt, or some local breed, can’t figure it out, poor fella got dumped at a recuse that couldn’t take him in. Vet says he’s good to go, might have to get him clipped, chipped, and tagged, I kinda want to keep him (We’re really only fostering him).