It’s quite possible that my AW11 is the most rust-free MR2 in the Midwest, and by that I mean it has only 2-3 rust holes in the body. I’ve been working on fixing the rust and I plan on cutting it out and welding in some new sheetmetal soon, but the side trim in front of the rear wheel was beyond repair.

AW11 MR2’s have this triangular side trim right in front of the rear wheels or they have full length side-skirts. Mine has the former. Now this part looks to be made of rubber or plastic and it is, but it has a sort of metal frame/backing plate. That metal frame is in more of powdery state in my case so I removed the trim piece so the cancer wouldn’t spread.

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Now I’ve been hunting for replacements, but as it turns out this is one of the first parts to rot out on these cars so they’ve been pretty hard to find. So the MR2 has just been without them for the past month or so.

Then last Friday one of my buddies texted me and asked what happened to those side trim pieces. I was pretty surprised that he noticed or even knew there were supposed to be trim pieces there. So I explained how the original ones were falling apart so I took them off. He then told me that he was talking about cars with one of his coworkers when said coworker mentioned how he used to have an 86 MR2. My friend then showed him a picture of my MR2 and he noticed that I was missing the trim pieces and that he happens to have a set from his old one that I could have for FREE!!!

So yeah not super exciting, but it was funny how the only parts I’ve been actively searching happen to be the only parts that this guy who works in the same building as me just happen to have

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