I was pretty certain she would hate it, and I was correct.

We took a little evening drive for some ice cream and hung out in the truck while we ate it. Afterwards I pulled into a gas station to clean the windshield before we go home and the wife says “I wanna drive it!”. She likes driving our 2010 Hyundai and other more “modern” cars. Doesn’t like driving my Volvo. I smile knowingly and toss her the keys. I warn her that the steering is fairly vague. As is the gas. And basically everything else when compared to what she’s used to.

From the moment she starts pulling away from the pump she says “Oh this was a terrible idea!” as she’s sawing away at the wheel. She managed a mostly straight line in the block she drove into our neighborhood. The entire time she keeps saying what a bad idea this was and that she’s never driving it again. I’m just laughing the whole way.

We’ll try again sometime. I’m sure she’ll get used to it.