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MRTwosday: Two much smoke edition

I finally had a chance to pull the turbo on my MR2 a week or so ago to see if it was the cause of oil smoke plumes coming from my exhaust whenever I came to a stop. Thankfully (it is under warranty), the turbo was the culprit. You can see the black coloring and residue all over the base of the compressor wheel.

I had it rebuilt and upgraded by one of the popular MR2 shops before I put the motor in around new years so it has only had 2,000 miles max. About 700 of that was in one day. The turbo is on the way back the manufacturer and hopefully I’ll be dailying this thing once and for all. The last time I dailyed this for any extended amount of time was at least 4 years ago, probably closer to 5. Can’t wait.

Bonus pic: During my complete brake system overhaul, I noticed that my right rear axle carrier had bent mounting ears for the brake caliper causing it to touch the rotor. So I sourced a used axle carrier and refurbed it with a por15 starter kit (degreaser, metal prep, por15) and the top coat. I’d say it turned out pretty nice. There’s a new bearing, dust shield, ball joint, and bolts going along with it. Half of the old bearing is still in there but I’ll take it to a shop to have it removed and the new bearing pressed in. That way, I’ll just have a simple remove and replace job to do the same time I put the repaired turbo back on.

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