Ive done it! In other terms, I've passed both the written and course test for my motorcycle license! Next step, the dmv paperwork and fees.... Really though, I want to encourage any and all of you who may have even just had the slightest thought about riding a motorcycle. You dont even have to buy one afterwards. Just taking the class was a ton of fun and you learn a lot of very good foundational skills. The bikes we used were these little GN125's.

You know how everyone says the brz is awesome because you can push the limits legally in that car. Well, IMO, this motorcycle (similar size, not exact model) may be the 2 wheel equivalent. I mean, who wouldnt push the limits on these little bikes? You have a closed course to yourself!

Seriously though, these little bikes stopped pretty well. And locking up the rear was interesting too. Power was okay... You could give these little things the beans and rev em right out. Good bikes for the course.

I totally aced the figure 8/double U turn in the box part. Got through the whole thing without even feathering the clutch. The turning the head part and looking where you want to go is no joke! It keeps you so much more balanced.

Only lost 3 points for braking a tad late on the extreme braking part.

I think im going to go back and attempt some of the same scenarios on the course on my bike in the near future.... Especially since the lot has all the lines painted for it.


And considering my bike has R1 front brakes, im gonna have to see if i can beat the stopping distance from those 125's... And see if i can still do the figure 8/double U turn as easily on this.