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MSF Day 1:

I just completed the first day of my MSF training. It’s been a lot of fun, and i have learn a lot about the ways I can improve on my riding. The teachers in are both very helpful, reasonable, nice guys. I chose a new Honda Rebel 300 as my trusty stead, mostly because it’s completely different from my XT200, and because it’s a bike I’ve considered Eventually purchasing. My biggest complaint about the bike is a lack of throttle response sometimes it feels like the first 1/8th of the throttle does nothing. And due to a recent leg injury, and my height the riding position isn’t super comfortable for me. I think I’d be more comfortable with forward controls. My BIL is on the grey TU250 he seems to be enjoying it.

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The first exercise was just going from one side of the lot to the other while riding the clutch not letting it out fully, with both feet on the ground. The lady next to me was on an old Rebel 250, and having a very hard time with it. I honestly believe she had no business being on a motorcycle. For example when the instructor wants you to confirm you’re in neutral they hold up their left and and you do the same.

She could not grasp this concept and kept holding up her right. She made it down to the end of the lot, and about half way back when she lost control of the bike. I heard her rev up, then she panicked and let go of the clutch. I saw the whole thing happen, watched her fingers straighten, and I thought “CLUTCH CLUTCH CLUTCH!” She didn’t grab the clutch, instead she went straight into the side of the school.


She hit pretty hard, but swore she was okay. She did however decide to call it a day. One of the instructors suggested she get a scooter with an automatic transmission. I think that’s a good idea, some people just can’t handle learning to ride two wheels, and handle a manual trans at the same time.

The scary thing is she owns a Sportster 1200. So she panicked riding a small 250 cruiser but thinks she can handle something with 3 times the power and a lot more weight.


Right here is where I’d put a picture of the Rebel’s tire mark on the wall, but I forgot to get one when I was leaving.

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