I think I found the one thing that I may find more fun than smarts...

At first, I was doing horrible because of heat exhaustion. I mean, I nearly passed out due to the heat (90+).

I had a comeback by realizing what was killing me: My crazy thick hair.

So I wet my entire head and put my helmet back on, then I was back in the game and quickly rose to being the instructors’ favourite! When it came to leaning into turns at speed, they said I made it look like a Harley-Davidson commercial. :3

My steed is a blue Rebel 250, like this one!


I have to say, I’ve never felt so alive while operating a vehicle! I was laughing pretty much the entire way.

Exams are tomorrow, wish me luck! This is what I wore yesterday to the classroom portion. Idk what I was going for with this look lol