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MSN Autos is back! (sort of)

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A while back, I had noticed that MSN Autos became a shell of its former self. It had been my go-to website for looking up car specs, because it had the most comprehensive and easily-searchable database of car specs. In a partnership with Motor Trend, it became just a random selection of Motor Trend articles, with the specs nowhere to be found. But it's improving!


Basically, now it's Motor Trend on MSN or some such nonsense, and it appears that when they first rolled out the Motor Trend-ified site, it was far from complete. There wasn't any way to search for a particular vehicle. Out of habit, I find myself continually going back to MSN Autos, and lo and behold today there is in fact a way to search for a car again.


The interface for looking up cars and specs isn't as good as it used to be—it's a bit clunky really—but it's there, and the specs are there. It used to be great because unlike many other sites, you could look up specs for specific trim levels and engines. So for example, I wanted to get the specs on the 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Limited, and here they are.

So there you have it, my fellow compulsive car specs looker-uppers, MSN Autos is mostly back for your spec looking up pleasure. Enjoy!

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