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MTB Happenings!

I have been eyeing a bike from YT industries since last season. By the time I thought I might be ready to buy, they were sold out. They released their carbon frame earlier this year for very reasonable money. However, I don’t feel like I “deserve” a bike that fancy as I’m relatively new to riding and hard on my bike (because crashes). Yesterday they dropped the aluminum frame bikes and I saw one category was sold out already! In addition the first batch of carbon frames were sold out too.


I was planning on treating myself to a new snowboard, but I decided I could get one more season out of it. I probably won’t get out west or up to VT this year, so I will just continue to abuse my board in PA on rails, jumps, and ice.

Instead I pulled the trigger on a 2020 Jeffsy in this rad blue!

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This will be my second “real” mountain bike, and my first full suspension. Also, my first bike with a dropper post. I went for the 27.5 wheels. My hardtail is a 29er and I’ve always felt it too large for me. I’m 5'10"/160lbs and I get super twitchy on the big wheels when the going is slow.

Anyway, YT is a direct to consumer company which is great for two reasons. Price, the same components on most big name bikes would be $1500 more. Secondly, you have to build it!!!

It probably won’t arrive until the week after next, but I already have my shop all setup to build it. I’m keeping my Hardtail (2017 Trek X-Cal 7) for family bike rides and general tomfoolery.

Any other oppos have YT’s? Is full suspension life changing?

Happy Friday!

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