MTB opponauts, I need your input!

Does anyone have any experience with these bikes? I have made this table, and am trying to determine which bike is the best for the money. Obviously I need to test ride first, but I need more input!

Bike pictured was the stock form of my current bike.

Brand Bike Year Travel F Travel R Fork Shock Front Axle R Axle Drivetrain component level cheapest price
Specialized Camber 650b 2016 130 130 RS Recon Silver x-Fusion pro O2 RL 15mm 142x12mm 2x9 SRAM X7 +Deore R 1500
GT sensor elite 2015 2015 130 130 RS Sektor silver TK w/lockout Fox Float CTD 15mm 135x5mm 3x10 Deore 1799
Giant Stance 1 2016 120 120 RS recon gold w lockout RS Monarch R 15mm 135x5mm 2x10 Deore +SLX 1900
Giant Trance 3 2016 140 140 RS sektor gold RL RS Monarch R 15mm 135x5mm 2x10 Deore 2100
Trek Fuel EX 7 2016 120 120 RS Revelation RL Fox Float Performance 15mm 142x12mm 2x10 Deore +SLX 2200
Jamis Dakar XCT Comp 2016 130 130 X-Fusion Streat RL2 x-Fusion pro O2 RL 15mm 142x12mm 2x10 Deore 2500
Specialized Camber comp 650b 2016 130 130 RS Revelation RC3 Fox Float Performance DPS 15mm 142x12mm 2x10 SRAM X7 +GX 2500
Giant Trance 2 2016 140 140 Fox 32 Float Performance Fox Float Performance 15mm 135x5mm 2x10 Deore +SLX 2700
Current Bike
GF Marlin Disc 2008 120 0 Fox Float Talas N/A 9mm QR QR 3x9 Deore

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