Do you subscribe to MTOD? GREAT! I have a question.

Does the quality of the video player get better once you shell out money to watch this garbage? Does the mobile app work better? Does the app on your Xbox One work AT ALL?


I don’t subscribe but was thinking about it, and no I’m not giving them my credit card for the 14 day trial just to find out it still sucks.

On Chrome, if I tab out from the video while paused and come back, its at FULL F-ING VOLUME. Some of the ads are NOTABLY louder (and of poorer quality) than others, not that that matters once I sub.

The mobile app won’t let me skip around in the episode if I watch a little here, and then a little later. It always starts the video over from the beginning.

The Xbox app NEVER worked. It would just dashboard so I gave up on it.

I just want to know that it gets better if I pay monies. 

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