Got the new 225 width wheels mounted on the front wheels and everything works as it should. We learned when the wheels came off the front today that the tires weren't scraping on the struts, but the actual wheel rim was.


We bought the cheapest tires NTB had in stock. It's apparently their "house" brand, whatever that means. First impressions lead me to believe they're actually pretty damn good tires. Probably about as good as the tires they replaced. If these end up being decent we might just pick these up for the back when the Kuhmos need replacing.


I'm back to OEM specs on the wheels now. I don't think in my everyday driving I'll notice the tires being thinner, and since I never tracked or AutoX'd the old setup I guess I'll never know how it handled with the wider tires.

Now that I've gotten a chance to drive with the new suspension bits on it, I must say it feels like a whole different car. The ride won't be mistaken for a Cadillac, but it's a million times better. Even the steering wheels tighter, and my clock spring doesn't rattle as much!

The car is right where I want it right now, we can stop spending money on it finally. I'll be buying a radio with my birthday money and I'll be set for a while!