Much Jag-fixery happened tonight! Improvement! Yay!

Red white and blue because MERICA. TL;DR Friend showed me how to rebuild the carb and I rebuilt the Jag-to-SBC oil pressure sending unit adapter.


BOY HOWDY KIDDOS we’re just DIVING head first into this here Edelbrock mixture of bullshit and sadness perched atop a perfectly stock truck motor. I went into this knowing exactly nothing about carbs but now I know NOTHING AND A LITTLE BIT! It’s GREAT!

So basically we took out the jets and needles and all that stuff and what we found was disturbing but also exactly what I expected. The needles were too big (lean) but the jets were also far too big (rich), the springs were way too stiff (rich), and the float adjustment was hilarious (???). As a result there is no doubt the SBC was pig-rich all the time and probably not even consistently hitting all 8 cylinders. Luckily my friend has a drawer full of Edelbrock carb parts and we got everything put back to stock spec (except for the springs, those are slightly softer than stock). At this point I noticed there was a LOT of wetness on the bell housing below the oil pressure sender. I poked it with a screwdriver and it rewarded me by falling the fuck off.

The threads on the brass extension broke off inside of the funny little 45 degree adapter. Awesome. Hopped on a couple of motorcycles because that’s all that had gas and was drivable (Kawasaki Eliminator 250, basically a Ninja 250 with a cruiser style body) and grabbed some parts from the store. A few seconds later with an easy-out and some liquid Teflon tape...


Boom! No more leaks!


Also worth noting this little bastard. This channel for some reason exists to allow fuel to slosh between the bowls. Why? I have no idea. It makes the carb do funny things under lateral Gs and kinda sucks balls. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any fuel hose to block it off with so it’s staying there. For now.

Next I got the stupid triangle of death air filter put back on the carb with some creative hammering.


The result of all this? DAAAAAMN. The Jag is FAR smoother now. Not luxury-car smooth but it’s pretty close. If I find a clutch fan to replace the hard-mounted flex-fan BS on the car that will hopefully nail out the last weird harmonic I get on the highway, then a little exhaust work and I should be in business. Throttle response is much improved and acceleration seems a bit better as well. The 1-2 upshift doesn’t just chirp the tires now, it spins them. It’ll spin tires at launch as well. I should also see vastly improved fuel economy numbers but the jury’s still out on that one. All in all I’m pleased.

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