Christmas Break is here and I finally did some cleaning out of the Vandura. There was some Mystery Goo in the passenger side door well, which looks to be polyurathane varnish... My theory is that a quart of the stuff sat on the dash in the sun for a decade or so and the UV caused the container to fail.

Thanks to Dave the Car Guy, I was able to effectively track down new front door latch mechanisms, new, OEM, which I will replace. I hope to get the engine running and steam cleaned before Break is out. My first goal is to get the thing to move under its own power. The three-on-the-tree gearshift is totally inoperative.

My plan is to sandblast the rust and prime the areas.
That door well had resinous goo almost half an inch thick.
All surface rust; no rust-through.
Dash needs work; shifter totally inperative.
Very few wires or working parts by today’s standards.
Mystery Goo
All surface rust, fortunately. I can see how these vans would have rusted away completely in just a few winters.
The Front Office

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