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Much-needed Svending

The RX7 was pretty dirty after this past weekend, so I set aside this evening to clean it.

I’ve been using Meguiar’s ultimate all-wheel cleaner. It works pretty well, weirdly turns purple, and smells pretty bad. Spray it on, wait a bit, agitate with a brush (optional, helps), pressure wash off.


Pre-rinsed the whole car with the pressure washer, then the soap foam gun thing came out and hid it under some suds.

While soaking, I went around the creases, seams, badges, etc. with a small brush to clean out those areas. Some were pretty dirty. In the interim I completely re-covered the car in soap three more times because that’s how much my gun holds.


Then pressure rinse and a normal 2-bucket wash.


Final “spot free” rinse from the wall-mounted filter and softener setup I have in the garage, then a towel dry.


Much better.

Tomorrow I’ll decide if I want to put another coat of wax on it, then aerospace 303 the appropriate surfaces. Don’t want to rush into that because there are few things as frustrating as finding drops of water while trying to wax a car...

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