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Much sads

My recently (13 days) adopted doge, has had to be returned to the County animal shelter system for assessment and eventual euthanization.

Sadly, the first dog that I have bonded with since my childhood Chow-Chow, did not respond well to training with the wife, former working dog/police dog trainer, or myself. We gave him multiple chances after serious aggressive outbursts, but yesterday morning was the final straw. He continually challenged my wife aggressively for dominance in our pack and even after really following the trainers guidance and working hard with the dog, he attacked my wife during his breakfast feeding time.

We had been crate training the former shelter pet in order to get him comfortable with being in the crate during the weekdays while the wife and I work. We don't lock him up we simply placed his food bowl in his crate and after he has been exercised first thing in the morning and also after following a few simple commands (sit, stay, down, heel) he is then commanded to eat. Unfortunately, our other dog of 5 years, a Chihuahua, is EXTREMELY food motivated and will stop at nothing to eat something, anything. When my wife told our new dog, "Good boy, okay, go eat your breakfast." The chihuahua took off for the food bowl in the crate. My wife then attempted to prevent and retrieve the chihuahua before he got to the new dogs food. It was at this very moment that the new dog lunged and attacked my wife.


But for the grace of God, and optometrists, her glasses saved her eyes and face from the bites he attempted on her face; but he did retract and lunge again at her chest and arm. I was in the adjoining bathroom and hearing the commotion burst through the door and grabbed a hold of the dog removing him from my wife's person. He continued to snarl and growl and bark while I maintained an extremely firm grip on his neck and choke collar chain. My wife in response to physical trauma was so scared and close to slipping into shock she ran for the closet in the same room. I instructed her to get out of the room, and also forcibly removed the Chihuahua from the dog bowl in the crate and put the new dog in the crate, locked him inside, and sought after my wife to administer first aid.

I applied ice packs to keep her from blacking out and slipping into pain and fear induced shock. I then called my mother-in-law who lives very nearby and we took my wife to the ER. Graciously, she needed no stitches or surgeries, but she did have multiple (more than 10) punctures and deep scratches. We had them cleaned and received her medicine and I took her home to rest.

Thankfully, my wife has a very strong spirit and she will recover soon and eventually want another dog in the house but it will take a very long time for her to trust any other animals ever again.

Reflecting on this chain of events, I can't help but shame myself as the protector of my family and home for bringing a dangerous and aggressive dog into our home. I will constantly wonder why this happened and be distraught over the fact that this dog simply did not comprehend how great his life was going to be with us.


Oppo, I could use some cheering up. I'm not sure what I need but it's been a really tough 30 odd hours.

Also, sad that TG is in very dire straits.

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